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Sorrento Standard Pizza Base

Our artisan pizza bases are made for cherished family and friends moments around the kitchen table. They're fun to make, easy to bake, and taste just great. We hope you enjoy an Italian Night at Home with Sorrento Pizza.

The secrets behind Standard Pizza Base

Giorgio Lisi selects the finest natural ingredients, locally sourced just outside his hometown of Sorrento.  The pizza dough undergoes natural fermentation, using four simple ingredients, and is then allowed to prove slowly over a 24-hour period. Skillfully hand-stretched by the Sorrento team, under Giorgio's guidance and baked to perfection using alp-marble stone. The result? A nourishing and utterly delicious pizza base for our valued customers.


Contact Us!

Want to have our Standard Pizza Base at your shop or pizza party?

 (01) 847 3786

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