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Sourdough Pinsa Romana

Handpicked from the lush surroundings just beyond my Sorrento hometown, the finest natural ingredients lay the foundation for Pinsa Romana. A blend of premium Italian flours, a family secret passed down through generations, adds the perfect touch.

The secrets behind Sourdough Pinsa Romana

The pizza dough, a star in its own right, undergoes a 48-hour natural fermentation using only four simple ingredients. Guided by the skilled Sorrento team and under Giorgio Lisi's watchful eye, it's hand-stretched to perfection and baked in our alp-marble pizza ovens. The result? A VIP-worthy, nourishing, and utterly delicious pizza base for true connoisseurs. Experience the essence of Pinsa Romana - a culinary celebration, a toast to shared moments and good times with friends and family. Come on a delightful journey into the heart of authentic Italian flavours, where every bite is a reminder of tradition, passion, and authenticity. Savour an Italian Night at Home with Sorrento Pizza by sharing memorable times.


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