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About Us

At The Original Pizza Italia Co. Ltd (Sorrento Pizza) we understand that the food industry is constantly changing. Since our establishment back in 2012 we’ve gone through various changes but have always remained loyal to our tradition. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our quality products and excellent service. We not only develop Pizza Bases but also design, develop, consult on requests for new and existing projects. We are continuing that journey adding forming put sustainability plan.

Mission Statement 

Your complete Pizza Solution

Making hand stretched pizza with a family traditional recipe by Master Baker Giorgio Lisi, choosing only quality ingredients from Italy, our team produce our products fresh daily. We continue our traditional way of making pizza and are updating our process and have introduce innovative technology in line with the changing times. In the last year our packaging has become recyclable and aim to be compostable soon. We are constantly developing new solutions, new brands, concepts for wholesale and retail satisfying customers’ requests though develop and designing complete pizza solutions. We are conscious of the changing times and working towards becoming more sustainable.         

We aim to be number one.

Sustainability Goal

It takes more than good intentions to be a sustainable brand today we are devloping our goal with the help of ENSO

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